Views 4

Stay Updated In A Fast Moving World

The mission of Views 4 is to help you stay updated in a world where news is spread at light speed. However, trying to stay updated that fast can be pretty overwhelming. So we came up with a way to keep you informed in a way that isn't tiring. And that's what makes Views different than other news apps.


The first stop in Views is the News Feed. Your feed is constantly updated with articles that you'll be more likely to read. The top headlines show you the trending stories in your country.To help you access news as quickly as possible, we rely on machine learning to summarize articles and show you the relevant bits

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Prefer an auditory experience? We have you covered because Views lets you access iTunes' infinite podcast library. Listen to any episode, anywhere, anytime. You can download episodes for offline listening, adjust the playback speed of episode, or set a sleep timer using our podcasts.

Views wants to keep you updated wherever you go. This is why your account and preferences are synced across all of your connected devices, from your iPhone to your iPad to your Apple Watch to even you Mac. This level of synchronization isn't available anywhere else on the App Store. So what are you waiting for? Download Today!

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This app is the archetype of the modern news app, adding a new fun and playful feel to even the most serious of news.


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